Thursday  -  August 22, 2019 
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  • Offsite Data Protection & Backup
    • Backup critical server data automatically
    • Easy FTP access to your backup files
    • Files are zipped & sent to our secure server
    • You set the schedule, files and folders
    • Installs anywhere on your network
    • Customized for your specific needs
    • Minimal downtime for DDMS® users
    • Cost effective and easy to use
    • Set it and forget it!

    Only $499 / year
    One time setup fee may apply.
    Online Tech Support
    Software and Hardware
    Active Directory
    Viruses and Malware
    Office Products Systems
    Web and Email Hosting

    C2 Elements is your complete solution for all of your technology support needs. Ask us about our annual support contracts to cover your hardware and data.